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every wildest dream was built on a single laughably small action.

i know mine was.

i know how it feels to lack the confidence to make even the smallest decision that will lead to progress.


i used to feel i wasn’t enough.

what was i lacking that i couldn’t seem to accomplish my goals and dreams??


it wasn’t until i got out of my own way, stepped out of my comfort zone and took action that I realized: i had all the answers inside!!


i'm stacy, and this is my ludivine life.

ludivine ("divine light") life was born from my personal experience with yoga training and life coaching.

through my experiences with yoga teacher training and life coaching, i was able to bring answers to the surface around why i was stuck, verbalize them, separate truth from lies, break my goals into reasonable tasks, accomplish them fully, and SHINE!!!  

my passion and mission truly lies in guiding individuals to their full, authentic, unapologetic selves. i love working 1:1 with people facing life shifts who are yearning to find their own ludivine and reach their full potential.

my services include being an ear to listen, hand to hold, and giving gentle, but firm nudges to move forward with major life changes.

ready to get started?

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