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a long december...

...and there's reason to believe

maybe this year will be better than the last

i cant remember all the times i tried to tell myself

to hold on to these moments as they pass… (from the brilliance that is Counting Crows)


as we march into this 'long' december we prepare for winter solstice, Sagittarius season,

and many sacred holidays around the globe!

i've been practicing deeper aspects of astrology and tarot sessions on myself and last week i received messages so beautiful i just knew they were meant to be shared… with YOU.

this particular reading's intention was to see what the month of December, transitioning to winter solstice, entering Sagittarius season, and the joys of holiday celebrations held for me/us

if you're not familiar with with the Celtic Cross reading, see the photo below and allow me to introduce you:

each of the 10 cards represent a theme, and they both challenge & harmonize, reveal opposition & union, and cover past, present & future. it can be considered one of the most complex readings to perform

this reading, however, exuded one common theme...


here are some of the inspirations that revealed themselves… i cannot wait to hear how they resonate with you!

  • any current situations you feel isolated, alone, or restricted are presented to you to challenge your highest self to get really clear with what it is YOU want

  • the comfort of following your intuition (dont stop doing that btw) is staying behind… step into a new zone of making waves, finding adventure, taking initiative, and moving forward as your highest self ("good trouble" comes to mind)

  • wishes are coming true rapidly so again, what does your highest self yearn for? take steps Into the Unknown, into hope and joy and celebrating everything!

  • live from your heart

  • look inward first - you have the compassion, peace & answers within

  • let the Universe lead you - truths are emerging

  • harmony, happiness, love, connection, fairytail endings are all in your reach… they are both your biggest hope and greatest fear

  • lean in. to happiness, celebration, overflow of gratitude & satisfaction. ultimate contentment… samadhi

let that sink in. maybe read it again. focus on the cards in the photo. or write some of your own affirmations that blossomed from these messages. live from your heart!

needless to say, i will be making this a part of my monthly spirit & planning ritual - and no matter the message, i know they are sent with love & insight to my soul

its the end of a year

and the start of a season

closing chapters & new stories to write

forgotten dreams & intentional focuses

clearing of clutter & welcoming of opportunities

its time for love. love. and LOVE.

which part of YOUR life will you be taking a deeper dive into?

how can the Universe guide you to what you already know within?

perhaps a situation. an obstacle. relationships. or a mindset? big decisions? even bigger dreams?

live from your heart.

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