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an apology...

i have been spending a lot of time with the Ho'oponopono Prayer...

i am sorry.

please forgive me.

thank you.

i love you.

it can be an extremely powerful meditation of unmasking, forgiveness, and raw love...

an apology....

"dearest you,

i am sorry.

i apologize to you.

i apologize for the smallness i contained you to

for hurting your heart

for stepping away from you for so long, Truest Self.

for seeing you though the lens' of society, programs, matrices

for labeling you time and time again

for boxing you in, forcing you to choose left or right, up or down, side or side or side or side.

for dismissing your light and hiding your shadow

for avoiding your pleas for help

for not seeing you as unconditional love.

for the judgement, stubbornness, disappointment, expectations, projections, and egoic pride that caused your pain and heartbreak

i was doing my best… always.

i still do my best.

with healing and gratitude, my best is now better.

i am sorry.

please forgive me.

thank you.

i love you,


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