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can your hopes also be your fears?

hope: feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen

fear: unpleasant often strong emotion caused by anticipation; also False Evidence Appearing Real

can your HOPES also drive your FEARS? or vice versa?

for me, after close examination, the answer is YES

let's check the equation... can:

hope = fear

i was practicing a celtic cross tarot reading for myself… the purpose is to outline your present situation by way of challenge & harmony, past & future, conscious & unconscious, potential outcome, and -most intriguing to me- one card that encompasses your hopes & fears

this peaks my curiosity because it seems an interesting combination when all of the other messages are 'singular', and meant align with each other to tell a story and gain understanding & clarity

so i examined that particular union of energies with great focus….

it happened to be the 8 of Cups

my instinctive interpretation of this card is abundance & love

and, yes. i do hope for abundance, love & all that these energies entail

and after some deep breaths, heart opening and easing of mind, sure enough… these are also things that frighten the fuck out of me

and this isn't the first time i've been made aware of this concept

because to allow abundance & love & prosperity into my life, sometimes means walking away from something, someone

it can mean letting go of what has become comfortable, being brutally honest with myself about what actually is no longer serving me, acknowledging what i am white-knuckling my way through

it can mean re-learning hard lessons, feeling like i am missing a piece of myself, recognizing that that the only thing holding me back… is me.

call it imposter syndrome, call it gun-shy, call it not wanting to be dragged out of my comfort zone… feeling abundantly secure, sharing all of the love & magic that i have to give, being successful in my purpose, inspiring others & being inspired can be scary AF

because there have been times when offering what i have to share has been rejected, judged, mocked, ghosted, shunned -and that never feels good, at the time

and then i remember…

on the other side of fear


if you have hopes of peace, love, success, joy, security, justice, unity, harmony…

and it scares you…

it's ok.

this is your sign to say hello to those hopes & fears, even if… no, ESPECIALLY if it makes you a little sweaty, or teary eyed, or anxious

let's explore YOUR answers

and take your next best step forward

towards authentic & unapologetic YOU💗

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