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chapter 2020

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

as the pages collectively turn on our calendars, an unprecedented year called "2020" is quickly approaching her close. i've heard many "good riddance" wishes in various forms (from G-rated to R) and have personally been making an extra effort to really take a look at these past several months from MY OWN mind, body, heart & soul

suffice to say, i'm over the "ready to be finished with 2020" rhetoric and i'm done believing that i need to stay small and quiet while feeling that 2020 was THE greatest year for my soul growth and transformation in this lifetime

i kicked off the year co-hostessing my first international yoga & soul retreat

wait…. let me repeat that:

in February 2020 i co-hostessed my FIRST INTERNATIONAL YOGA RETREAT!!!

there is not one day in the remainder of 2020 that i have not reflected on that monumental achievement in some way; or have had its inspirations mirrored back by to me by my co-hostess (aka roomie for life) or one of the dozens of beautiful attendees and souls we encountered along the way

then came the onslaught of global pandemic loss, gut wrenching divisiveness, heartbreaking civil inequality worldwide, and the suffering & destruction of Mother Earth and all who inhabit it

my eyes and ears opened; my heart broke, healed, broke, and healed again; my mindset shifted, one word at a time; and my soul awakened to absorb each and every experience as though it was happening just for me

it has been really important for me to start looking at 2020's lessons from MY point of view for a number of reasons:

☁️ it's really easy to look around and say "others had it worse than me" -- because they did

🌥 resentment and sadness dont lessen or go away by brushing off my own hurt, loss, and disappointments -- because i had lots of them

⛅️ until i grieve my own losses, i cannot honestly count my blessings -- because they are bountiful

🌤 taking stock in how i invest my time, money, and energy is how i am stepping into my own new way of being during this time of celebrating independence from the chains of societal institutions (that one was a lot, i know... more to come!) -- because I AM AUTHENTICALLY ME

☀️ i will release what is no longer serving MY mind, body, heart & soul so that i may carry lessons learned, new spiritual rituals, a healthy way of being, love for my Self, my community & all energies on this planet into the new calendar year... and long beyond - because i CHOOSE to

now dont get me wrong... taking a focused and sustained look at wounds, heartbreak, death, betrayal, loss, loneliness IS NOT EASY. and before you say "i dont want to talk about it" or "i just want to move on" or "im not ready for that" ask yourself:

the next time i am disappointed, hurt, or experiencing loss (in any way)

am i going to end up right back in 2020??

just because the numbers you write on a check (ok, i know this is a dated -pun intended- reference however i'd put money down that no one makes that mistake once this year!) are about to be different, does not mean that any remaining bad feelings, stuck mindsets, inauthentic beliefs, or broken dreams will simply disappear

not until you acknowledge them. face them. neutralize them. befriend them. shift them.

as you close Chapter 2020 and start to make resolutions or set intentions, consider the following:

✨what are you grieving from 2020 or before?

✨what are you making room for to carry into 2021 and beyond?

✨when are you going to take your first step into NOW?

it's time. the script is yours to write. choose to step authentically into Chapter 2021.

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