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i want to see you fly!

Updated: Nov 21, 2021

now that we are emerging from the energies of the last several months/years, it feels like more and more of the beautiful souls i meet along the path are ready to fly

or, at the very least, are ready to pick themselves up off the ground...

on my journey of self-awareness and stepping into my purpose, i have taken a deep look on how i got 'here'... one of the steps mid-2020 was enrolling in a course entitled "discover your cosmic blueprint" (written by Rebecca Campbell). it is a series of meditations, journaling, travels back in time, and a true exploration of all aspects of my soul… past, present & future. when i picked up the workbook for the course, just reading the first few lesson titles was a great source of inspiration for me:

"stepping into soul time"⁠

"setting an intention"⁠

"remembering who you are"⁠

"i pray that you hit rock bottom"⁠

wait... WHAT?!?

you PRAY that i hit rock bottom? well THAT sounds super sketchy and RUDE if we are being honest!

to date, this was the lesson that has been the most profound to me and, the most transformative… it dared me to peel back the bandage of my soul's rock bottom, the most painful time of my life... feeling alone, isolated, deserted, crashing and cracking into a million... no, a billion pieces⁠

the lesson continued (and continues) acknowledging how i chose to gather the pieces, intuitively put them back together, build a new foundation, find comfort in my own skin, seek help & tribe, and shine my inner light so bright that i always know my way home⁠. and when i think about it, every step of my way since 'soul break' is a rebuilding, reawakening, rebirth…

i get up off the ground

i choose my Self

i seek the truth

i trust my Soul

and i share it with you

the road is not easy, nor for the faint of heart so you may be asking... is it worth it?

replacing suffering, tears & aching with freedom, laughter & joy... peace, power & love... unification of mind, body, heart & soul....? you better believe it! every step continues my healing, and every step gives me more inspiration and light and source energy to share with those ready to receive it

are you ready? to get up off the ground, choose YOU, believe your intuition with your whole soul, and shine YOUR ludivine?

i want to see you fly…

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