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sovereignty, matches & Leslie Knope

Updated: Aug 26, 2023

…oh my!

friday was a big day, especially for women, here is the 'united' states. just as i sat down to do some research for an upcoming retreat i found my IG feed overrun with words like:






each referring to the overturning of a 'law' that was enacted to 'protect' women's 'rights' to 'choose' specifically in the case of needing/wanting an abortion

i know most of you know this and do not need it explained; however, I do have an international audience; also i wanted to emphasize some points and since you cannot see me using my 'quote fingers'...

friday night i barely slept a wink - back in the day i might have hopped in my car and driven to the nearest protest; or made an angry post; or over-donated to every cause i could find.

"what do i do?"

instead i went back to the 'socials' and saw a few more words like:

the comeback is stronger than the setback

burn it down

if you need a ride, i'll give you one

i turned off my phone and got some 'sleep' which was really more of an anxiety coma (no quotes) full of "what do i do?" scenarios

saturday i got up, spent half of my NLP coaching call in tears & ranting to my wonderfully insightful British coach who knows all too well the idiocy of 'government'… "what do i do?"

"articulate your views"

so that is what i am doing.

first, i turned on Parks & Recreation and napped on the sofa the rest of the day

Leslie Knope (from P&R) is one of my personal heroes… she never once took "no" for an answer, especially when everyone told her it was impossible, or that she didnt have a choice. in fact, she usually had a binder (or 12) with hundreds of other options for any given restriction or order that was at thrown at her

in the episode i woke up to, Leslie takes her destiny into her own hands (which is actually most episodes) by calling in her own tribe to get a job done, no matter what any person, entity or 'authority' said. and of course she pulled it off with flying colors & huge success; ultimately surrounded by those who love & support her, regardless of whether they agreed with her- consequences be damned

(one of my favorite quotes of hers is "There are no more consequences to my actions anymore. I'm like a white U.S. Senator." but i digress)

the truth is

when we have been told "no" or "you dont have a choice" or "there is no other way"

we have been lied to

not all of these lies were meant to be malicious or intentional or restrictive

most of them were born from other lies

from fear

from anger

from ego

this is a distraction from your sovereignty

the truth is

i am a sovereign being

and so are you

no 'law' or words or paper or person has authority over me - of any kind

no 'law' or words or paper or person is here to protect me - my intuition is my best protection

no 'law' or words or paper or person can take away my human 'rights' - i have always owned those and always will

no 'law' or words or paper or person can 'unite' or 'divide' me - there are no sides… only passionate humans trying to do their best, yet unwilling to stop for a minute and assess their own values and how they have been programed/engrained not to believe in themselves first, taking 'words' as truths without questioning

YOU are a sovereign being

no 'law' or word or paper or person or entity or border or organization or belief or value has authority over you. ever.

you choose.

you act.

you love.

you live

this is YOUR life

if the setback is getting you down, let me tell you about the comeback

if you are physically impacted by this latest distraction from your sovereignty, find your tribe and ALL the options (*raises hand to join)

if you want to burn it all down, i'll bring the matches

with all of my love & LIGHT,

to be continued…💖

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