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the magic you are wishing for...

another flip of the calendar page!

do you still use a wall or desk calendar? i've been considering trying one again… for me they were always a constant for about 3 months… then come summer time i would look at it and think "is it really St Patricks Day tomorrow??". since i live by my calendar and it changes a lot, i now rely on my laptop/phone to know what day it is. and even that doesnt help a lot of times! haha

regardless of how you view/track the illusion that is TIME, the start of a new calendar year can be both daunting & exciting, or a combination of the two. for me it is nothing but pure momentum at a variety of paces

i absolutely love taking the time the days/weeks before and after the strike of the clock between 11:59pm and 12:01am to reflect on the previous year and look ahead to the next one

i see a lot of fellow souls that put A LOT of pressure on that 2-minute span… as though that moment means everything. or nothing. how much of that is self-imposed? or externally-pressurized? 

and a lot that are ready to write-off, forget, leave behind an entire year because for whatever reason it just wasnt good to them

i recently did some 1-card tarot readings for several people and gave options for what the card could answer: 

"what lesson did i learn from 2023?" OR

"what will i manifest in 2024?"

no one opted for the 2023 look back

i'm all for a clean slate & moving forward, dont get me wrong. i also know that we NEVER start completely 'clean' because in life - everything we experience moves us forward with us. so we really cannot start from zero. 

taking account of what we have learned, experienced, overcome, succeeded is part of the process… good, bad, ugly, beautfiul…

this morning i read a post from one of my most favorite souls on the planet, a fellow coach, entrepreneur & inspire-er (and even as i write this it's 11:11 - make a wish!!): 

"the magic you are looking for is in the work you are avoiding"

WHOA. was my first thought. PREACH!! was my second. I MUST SHARE THIS was my third…

because its true.. and in my heart it is TRUTH (more about the difference of those words in a future blog!)

so, dear friend… what are you avoiding? 

not hearing? 

not seeing? 

not feeling? 

not acknowledging?

what is keeping you from YOUR MAGIC?

let's get clear on that so you have the best 2024 ever… trust me, it's in your cards 😘



for a brief video highlight of my 2023, check out my latest IG reel and let me know what your reflection is for the year that was - also check out one of the pages i visit to be inspired 

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