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Updated: Feb 8, 2021

around a decade ago as i wrapped up my 500th hour of yoga teacher certification, i decided that my "retirement career" would be teaching yoga on a beach

i didnt have a "plan" per se… just knew that was what i wanted to do to support myself between leaving my corporate career and when social security kicked in… so lets round it to 30-ish years from then

for most of my life, i lacked the confidence to make even the smallest decision that might lead to progress. i felt i wasn’t “enough” and lacked trust in myself that could lead me to accomplish my goals and dreams. i didn’t even know what those could be, for that matter. my intuition had never lied to me, and even when i made decisions that went against it i learned my lesson and moved on

i couldn’t “see the forest through the trees” (and still cannot explain what that means exactly but i get it!) so finally i asked myself:


i got out of my own way, stepped out of my comfort zone and took ACTION. practicing awareness through yoga, meditation & sacred ritual; learning from teachers & mentors; working with coaches & my therapist; trusting body and my intuition fully i was able to bring answers to the surface, verbalize them, separate truth from lies, break down my intentions to reasonable tasks, accomplish them fully, and SHINE!!!

doing the hard work and investing in myself has given me the courage and freedom to travel the globe, create deep dynamic partnerships, and leave a corporate career 20 years early to live my life passion and purpose… authentically and unapologetically!

has it been a smooth road?

*pause for smirk, eye-rolling, laughter*

the short answer is no.

the long answer is hell no. (i couldnt help myself!! its one of my latest meme obsessions…)

of course the intention & dream was a smooth road and it wound up looking more like a plate of spaghetti

would i change a thing?

not one single step, bend, twist or turn


in february of 2020, just before the Universe hit Pause, dreaming had become my new reality and i was truly LIVING it. i co-hostessed a woman's retreat in Guatemala, guiding excited & scared shitless participants (their words) to trust their own intuition, soak in unfamiliar cultural traditions, how to focus their intentions, radiate & exchange beautiful energy, connect with the earth, new friends, and most importantly- reunite with their own authentic & sacred soul

and i taught yoga.

on the f*cking beach.

(drops mic)


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